10 Factors to Consider for Outsourcing Decisions

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What is an outsourcing decision? An outsourcing decision is when a company chooses to hire external organizations or professionals to manage specific business tasks or services, instead of handling them internally. This strategic decision is often driven by the desire to reduce costs, access specialized expertise, focus on core business functions, and improve efficiency. It involves evaluating … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Offshore Development Centers

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The demand for offshore software development centers continues to rise because of the cost-effectiveness and vast variety of tech experts.  The beauty of offshore software development centers is that it balances the speed and cost of outsourcing. For companies and brands, this means high-quality work. In this article, we want to know:What offshore software development centers are;The … Read more

How to Evaluate Your Outsourcing Options

 You have now done the math and noticed that outsourcing is efficient and will save you lots of money and manpower. The next step is for you to go ahead with your outsourcing plans. One of them is choosing an outsourcing partner. In this phase, the partner you choose will determine whether you will achieve the … Read more

How to Mitigate IT Outsourcing Risk Factors

Change is never easy to accept because it comes with a certain level of risk. The last thing an IT entity wants is to carry more risk in the business. Companies have embraced outsourcing as a  way of reducing costs and resources. But outsourcing has its own set of problems that if not managed well, it … Read more

7 Benefits of Outsourcing Staffing Services

Any person who operates a successful business will tell you that employees are your greatest assets. They are the engines that push the business forwards and break new heights. And because of that, it is easy to think that you can’t outsource staffing services or they are better off in-house. That said, if you believe unique … Read more

The Biggest Threats in IT Services Offshoring

With the emergency of automation, Artificial intelligence, and machine learning, a lot of IT service providers think that emerging technologies will disrupt the industry. This is the exact opposite, predictions are not a threat. What poses a threat is the basic operating model and standard business practices in the industry. These are the existing threats.Limited … Read more

10 Trends Shaping the Healthcare Industry Now!!!

Healthcare technology continues to grow and reach new heights. The new hot thing now is the digitization of the healthcare industry. According to a Health Standards report, the market will reach $536.6 billion by 2025. In short, in just a few years, we will have another half-billion-dollar industry. That is because healthcare technology has seen a … Read more

How to Manage an Offshore Development Team

It’s no secret that offshoring software development comes with a lot of benefits. But not the easiest thing to do. After signing that contract with the provider, you might think you will sit and wait for the surprise app or software. But you’re wrong, there’s a lot that you need to do for the project to … Read more

5 IT Outsourcing Trends that Are Going Cold

A lot of IT companies are becoming more strategic, so are their IT outsourcing partners. Things like digital transformation, automation, and data revolution are shaking the IT industry and impacting the quality of work IT providers give. Here are some of the IT trends that are going on cold now. If you are an outsourcing provider, … Read more