Animation Outsourcing Services – Why Should You Hire One in India?

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By Pratik H

Outsourcing of animation has become prevalent in the last couple of years. Lots of entertainment giants such as IMAX and The Walt Disney Company have even started to outsource a significant amount of their animation services to different Asian nations, especially India, while other firms are outsourcing animation from Asia for computer games and commercials.

A primary factor making India the best outsourcing destination for animation firms is its massive base of its English-speaking labor force. Animation, which is dependent on the English language so as to “lip sync” the animated media with the audio dialogue, immensely benefits from this precise talent possessed by the Indian labor force.

Even more, a number of animation firms are also preparing skilled personnel for the animation industry through distinct training programs; though, the prime reason foreign entertainment companies are flocking to India is the production cost offered by the nation.

For instance, American animators charge up to $125 per hour, while in India, they only charge $25 per hour. All the more, the total budget for creating a full-time animation movie is estimated to be from $120 million to $180 million in America. In India, the same full-time film can be produced for $10 million to $30 million only.

Studios in India are also capable of providing a vast supply of high quality but low-cost software engineers and even go that step further to establishing studios equipped with “state of the art” hardware and software to help carry out productions overseas.

The Walt Disney company has outsourced a number of its key animation projects to studios throughout India. Still more, cartoon network is purchasing animation films created in South Korea whilst MTV just added India to its outsourcing centers alongside South Korea and Philippines.

Now let us jump straight in and take a look at some of the animation services offered by outsourcing firms around the world.

1. 2D Animation

Conventional 2D animation can be streamlined and expedited using modern techniques and technologies designed to pair the two. This permits animators to create content in a number of formats including Flash, PowerPoint, and Analog computer animation and presents it for production in banners, logos, presentations, games, demos, educational materials, films, and so much more.

There are numerous reasons as to why your firm ought to consider outsourcing 2D animation services to well-experienced offshore firms. To begin with, any sized firm (from small to large companies) can engage animators for proficient grade animation and the dispatch time can be adhered with to match the precise needs of your firm.

By outsourcing this service, you also gain access to a pool of animators with enough experience in every main type of 2D animation, from Flash animations for presentations and website developments’ to developing 2D vector graphics and bitmaps.

Professional outsourcing firms should be able to create content that can match every sort of project you may have, from advanced marketing to sophisticated animation techniques.

They can even offer both Path animation and Cel animation using the up-to-date ad highly advanced computer systems. Streamlining these processes with this’ technology and a team of well-experienced animators ensures that the firm produces content that can match or even exceed your expectations.

2. 3D Animation

Modern day technology makes’ it possible to take full advantage of all cutting-edge techniques’ getting used in 3D animation for every single thing from educational to advertising films.

That is why, in case you are interested in utilizing this technology for your upcoming projects, you’ll need an outsourcing firm you can trust to create high-quality content that can exceed your specific vision.

Let us see why 3D animation outsourcing makes’ clear sense.

The software and equipment needed to generate high-quality 3D photos and animation are costly and need an entire staff to operate.

For this and more reasons, most gaming firms, marketing departments, and smaller studios turn to offshore alternatives for their 3D animation needs.

There are lots of benefits brought about by doing this, the most notable being the reduced cost involved and the turnaround time.

3D animation outsourcing firms have broad experience working on a vast range of 3D projects including:

  • Morph Target Animation
  • Cel-Shaded Animation
  • Crowd Animation
  • Motion Capture
  • Skeletal Animation

Beyond these distinct forms of 3D animation, make sure that you are working with an outsourcing firm that has partnered with distinctive industries such as feature films, video games, website animations, product demos, marketing tools, presentations’ for corporate meetings, and television before.

This will ensure that they are ready to deal with the most demanding 3D animation projects you may have.

3. Flash Animation

Flash is among the most common technologies’ in computer and web-based media today. That makes the service an impeccable fit for animations utilized in presentations’ on a site, content in computer or mobile games, and a constituent in a computer program.

Nonetheless, when you only need a limited amount of flash animation done for your upcoming main project, it is crucial that you hire an outsourcing firm with specific experience in this area.

Flash animation needs specific expertise with web-based technologies intended for the development of computer applications, web content, and computer games.

Most companies do not have a staff inescapably skilled in such development, and this implies that the task has to get outsourced. This is a good thing since, as long as you choose a well adept outsourcing firm, you’ll gain a number of benefits.

To start with, once you outsource flash animation to well adept firms, you can feel free to rest assured that your project will get completed fast and to your precise specifications. Some firm’s workflow management procedures are dedicated to ensuring that everything gets’ executed as proposed and your final animated product is precisely what you had in mind.

4. Logo Animation

It’s getting increasingly harder to stand out in this day’s “media rich” and busy marketplace. To create a mark, you are needed to produce marketing collateral that stands’ out in every unique and exciting way.

One way to achieve this is to outsource your logo animation services to professional firms that can make your business’s logo genuinely pop engagingly and professionally.

Once you decide that a high quality animated business logo may be a good fit for your firm, the 1st step is to locate someone that you think can handle the process quickly and professionally.

Since it’s extremely unlikely that you have your own in house animation team, this implies going offshore or finding a design firm. There are lots of benefits brought about by doing this, starting with the quick turnaround time and budget matching cost.

Even more, by outsourcing logo animation services to professional outsourcing firms’, you can gauge your needs’ accordingly.

In case you have considered outsourcing your logo animation services, below are various types of logo animation services that you can look forward to:

Flash logo animation

  • Flash Logo Animation
    The professional offshore firm will deliver a web-ready animation of your logo for your mobile or website platform.
  • 2D logo animation
    You can get created for a simple 2D animation for your web banners, marketing materials, or television.
  • 3D logo animation
    You can receive a 3D logo animation for your firm’s videos, presentations, and other marketing collateral.
  • After effect logo animation
    Most offshore firms utilize the most advanced and newest technologies for logo animations including after effects’.
  • Corporate logo animation
    You can attain quality looking and professional animations for your logo that match the identity and brand of your corporation.

In case you’re ready to have your new logo animation completed, it’s essential that you partner with an outsourcing firm well experienced in doing so with a vast range of technologies.

5. Character Creation

The focal point of every successful game, book, or film is its characters. Created in brilliant shades and exclusive enough to capture the eye of the end user, these characters’ are precisely what will sell your finished product.

So it’s essential that in case you desire to outsource character creation services, you pick an offshore company with a sturdy background in creating realistic and eye-catching characters.

Character creation is a crucial component of every production though in most cases, lots of, if not hundreds, of characters’ need to be created and as you can imagine, that will take a significant amount of time.

Offshore firms can expedite this whole process for you by simply providing their artwork creation and expert illustration workers to your character creation needs.

You will gain immediate Access’ to a number of the most skilled designers and illustrators in the industry; ladies and gentlemen who can swiftly and efficiently take your concepts and create finished character models that flawlessly capture everything you desire to see in your final product.

With brilliant quality control guidelines’, a quick turnaround time, and cost control guidelines’ which are incredibly affordable, most offshore firms are the perfect alternatives for every person intending to outsource character creation.

All things considered

Outsourcing animation services permits you to keep your in house team small and agile while accommodating more significant ideas when the time calls’ for it.

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