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By Pratik H

Telesales is a purposeful marketing service that is done by companies for generating new inquiries, meetings and research. It can be exceedingly useful but is also extremely challenging and not everyone will convert your services or products to sales.

Want Commission Only Telemarketing Services?

Due to the random nature of telemarketing services, most of the business owners prefer to hire commission only telemarketing services through agencies as in this way, you need to pay only for proven outcomes. However, there are very few companies doing this type of business. There are mostly students who do commission only calling or some of the freelancers do this, however no company provide it as a continuing service.

How can I get more details about a reliable and trusted telemarketing agency?

We can provide you useful information on telesales agencies which you can get by contacting us. Our services are simple, immediate and competent. You can save much time and efforts of your team doing this task.

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How do telemarketing agencies price differently for their services?

There are a number of telesales companies globally however not every company will have the same type of charging methodology. Some may charge:

  • Pay per appointment or meeting
  • Pay per hour
  • Pay per day
  • Pay per month
  • Pay per product demo

The most used form of pricing or charging methods for telemarketing services is based on pay per day; but with any form of marketing, it is always better to inquire about the pricing around and get best quotes to have a good comparison before choosing a service or a service provider.

Why some small companies or start-ups are involved in these services?

If companies are committing this, it’s often by start-ups and small businesses that do not have the funds on hand to spend on marketing and are searching for a partner to share the risk as well as the overall costing.

Some of the small scaled agencies take on this type of projects for their family, friends or preceding acquaintances, but no company provides this kind of services on a commission only basis.

We recommend you to select a trusted and recognized telemarketing agency and if you’d like to evaluate the prices before doing the same, contact us for free quotes.

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Why agencies aren’t working on commission only telemarketing service model?

One of the causes for the lack of telemarketing companies working on commission only service model is because they don’t want to take risks. They can even go out of business while taking these types of risks and this can go totally out of their control if done on a long term basis. The variations in price of the products, the continuous changes in the market place and the overall economy are some of the key factors that can highly impact the services and the outcomes telesales companies can offer you.

Most company owners comprehend this and are therefore agreeable to pay for telesales services. Such marketing agencies will be more likely to take on paid services with a defined revenue stream rather than an uncertain preference of work on commissionon basis.

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What substitutes are there to commission only telemarketing services?

If you in actuality do wish to go with a business deal on a commission only basis, you could attempt hiring:

  • Freelancers

Freelancers who are in to sales or marketing services may take on a commission only telesales task; but they are more inclined towards paid work over commission only services. And as soon as a paid work task comes up, they are likely to give more priority to the paid work over commission only tasks.

  • Students and Interns

Students and interns will take on commission only calling, however more as a means to add up some experience for the new paid work. But finding a comprehensive, proficient and a highly capable student can be tough and then keeping up with them is even harder.

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