Is Donald Trump Against Outsourcing to India or China?

Is Donal Trump Against outsourcing to India?

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By Pratik H

While campaigning in a rally at Delaware, the Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump acted like an Outsourced Indian Call Center employee with a terrible Indian accent. The efforts of Barrack Obama have been reiterated tremendously as a majority of the American firms obtain services from the offshore locations to reduce their overhead costs. There are many benefits of outsourcing to India, however, it seems Mr. Trump thinks otherwise.

While America makes money, the blame is put on those call center employees that offer services 24×7 keeping in mind the differences in the time zone. Unfortunately, Trump tried to mimic the Indian accent of the outsourcing employees effortlessly although it is doubtful whether he landed up in the right place and establish his opinion in the real sense.

A similar attitude was expressed by the Republican Presidential candidate while addressing a rally at Iowa in which he had tried to mock the call center employees of Japan and China in the same helpless manner with his ever-changing efforts to speak in the way just like the employees of these countries do while speaking to their overseas clients based in the United States of America.

The real estate emperor which comprises the other side of this ambitious Presidential candidate is also known for his exasperating commentaries against the Mexicans and the Muslims. Holding his cell phone to the ear, just as the bank employees speak over the telephone, the broken English that he used to tell the people in the rally that he had not spoken to check the status of his credit card to find out that the person that he was speaking to was from India

It is true that the attitude and the gestures of the front runner have made a really good piece of news as far as the Presidential polls in America are concerned. A lot has been said and heard about the tenets of outsourcing and its fate every time when America goes to poll but fortunately, the industry has not had to encounter major changes in India.

For all that Trump speaks against the women groups and other communities, his intentions are hard to measure as he goes on to the withdrawal mode about the comments that he poses during all the campaigns.

In fact, the reporters that have been present for the live coverage of his rallies can make a better representation of his comments about his opinions on Indian outsourcing.

Donald Trump has attacked the Indian outsourcing firms with the same intention as a few of his predecessors including Barack Obama. In fact, a majority of the Presidential candidates in America have campaigned against the outsourcing of jobs overseas by the American firms.

Following the trail, Trump has also said that he is likely to pose a 35 percent tariff on all those American companies to put an end to outsourcing.

Does that mean that the arrival of the next American President can begin a new era as the President speaks in favor of the Americans losing jobs due to this abominable policy? Well, the question mark will still be there despite all those intriguing gestures and remarks of Donald Trump and all his pouncing strikes on the outsourcing firms in India and China.

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