Benefits of Hiring Dedicated PHP Developers

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By Pratik H

Outsourcing your coding needs has always been a miracle from heaven, Back in the old days when you have to hire a full team of developers in-house just to take care of one singular software was the way to go, needless to mention it’s a royal pain in the neck to take care of these “geeks” and their constant yapping for what can only be described as a “babysitter” to tend to their needs. You’d think that would be the end of it but no, you still have to hire a project manager to oversee them and make sure they are meeting deadlines and what they produce is just what you asked for and not something they think is ” more convenient ” to their current code so they wouldn’t have to put up the effort of changing it or redoing a considerable part of it.

Well, now there’s an alternative to that awful process, a better way to go about it without the hassle of this whole ordeal, you can Outsource everything to us, and we’ll take care of it. Software companies will take care of all your software needs, especially PHP which is one of our strongest points. Out system is entirely different from anything you were used to before, you don’t have to keep us on monthly retainers or give us a part of your company for doing the work for you. It’s a very simple transaction that happens only once, and that’s it, we’re settled, think of it like visiting a doctor, when do you do it? When you’re sick, and you need help, well that’s exactly how our system works, you give us a call with all your needs, and we’ll handle everything for you, get paid, and that’s it, no need for further retainers or anything.

And here’s the fun part, it costs around half as much to outsource it than to do it locally, domestic developers are known to charge an exorbitant amount of money for their work, so much so that you’d think they’re curing cancer not writing some lines of code. Well development firm will provide you with the same quality of work you get domestically (if not better) at half the price you pay them or even lower, because It simply Costs less when you outsource it to a dedicated company like us with a complex infrastructure that can provide you with top of the line quality at a fraction of the cost because we know how to allocate capital and distribute workload to get the maximum quality with the minimum price.

So why outsource to Software Development Company?

  • Access to our entire team with the same cost of one project
  • Massive saving in capital
  • Little to no effort required on your part
  • Available 24/7/365 as our team runs shifts to ensure we’re online all the time
  • Time zone accommodation to set you up with a team who’s up the same time as you
  • Support that goes far and beyond

Companies also provide with one extra unique service that no other company offers simply because they lack the complexity, which is integral coding.

8 out of 10 times when you hire a PHP developer he’s gonna do the job for but you’ll feel like something is missing, the page will look stale, that’s because PHP is simple a more stable language than most, but then you’ll have to hire Java developer to add the final touches for you, and you go about the hiring and screening process all over again. But that’s not the case with us, when you hire our company, you GET our company, which means other developers majoring in other languages can help and pitch in to improve the overall quality of the project which is something that saves you 40% of the time it would take just to get a new developer familiar with your current project enough to dabble with it and add his own work to it, and speed up the testing process by over 300% as both developers will be in the same room trying to match their codes to each and debugging their work other till they have a stable version.

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