Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services

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By Pratik H

Highly resourceful companies have made use of transcription outsourcing for several years now. An extensive variety of global clients’ right from physicians to clinics and hospitals are utilizing medical transcription services to advance their business processes.

If you are a multi specialty clinic or a hospital, a good outsourcing medical transcription company can manage your complete medical transcription capacity. And submit system reports on your company’s behalf to referring doctors.

Many companies in India provide consistent medical transcription workflow which is 100 percent HIPAA compliant.

The medical transcription outsourcing helps with error free medical transcriptions, quick service delivery, reports being made professionally and by trained people, the work is being checked by quality analysts, content writers and editors, HIPAA compliant transcriptions, continuous support and affordable costing of complete work.

Flexible Transcription Outsourcing Services

  • Complete Outsourcing

It covers complete access and end-to-end RCM services, along with maintaining full control of your information. It can be called as a remote data processing provision.

  • Partial Outsourcing

This alternative is perfect for companies looking to get rid of the work load of transcribing from current staff that is also performing other tasks.

One needs to connect with these outsourcing agencies when there is a requirement. They can free up the employees of the company who is giving the project for outsourcing so that they can spend more time on other key assignments.

  • Backup Outsourcing

Faced with an unanticipated increase in transcription or system break down? You can count on these companies to assist you handle workflow.

Advantages of Medical Transcription Outsourcing

By selecting to outsourced transcription company, you get a number of significant business advantages that include:

  • One do not require to pay taxes and fringe benefits for in-house staff transcriptionists
  • Exclusion of management costs and no cost related to downtime
  • No requirement of investment in technology or equipment
  • Accessibility of added office space in your facility to be used
  • You need to pay only for services you use without any other complexities
  • Decrease in amount of administrative tasks allows you to focus on core business

Performance Benefits

  • Commitment of 99% quality with negligible error rate

Many transcription companies in India offer 99% quality or more on medical transcription work they submit. The company speciality and experience always matters with this commitment for accuracy. They higher experienced and practised people to make sure they deliver error free work.

  • Twenty four hour turnaround time

Most of the companies in USA benefit from less than 24 hours turn-around time from countries like India and Philippines. Because of the time gain, the reports are made accessible in a swift time.

  • Qualified transcription team

Medical transcriptionists in India go through medical transcription courses and other trainings before being hired. They are highly trained as well as made up to date with latest medical processes and terminologies used in the field.

  • HIPAA compliance trainings

Many outsourcing companies in India work as international healthcare guidelines. They follow all the healthcare processes and are 100% HIPAA compliant with their employees undergoing HIPAA trainings at regular intervals. They maintain security and confidentiality in their work.


Every medical transcriptionist goes through precise medical record transcription training covering all the specialties prior to their induction. Outsourced medical transcription teams includes

  • Quality Associates
  • Client Account Managers
  • Tier-1 Transcriptionists
  • Proof-readers or Editors

For reliable and quality outcomes, these companies devote medical transcriptionists to every client as per the account requirements. This is done to make sure that they get fit with the method and the pronunciation or the better word would be the accent of dictating physician.


Typically, there is a five step process cycle used in the medical transcription work flows managed by outsourcing companies.

Step 1:
Dictations are taken from the client server or FTP by the assigned account manager and he further send this to the Tier-1 transcriptionist.

Step 2:
Medical transcriptionists write down audios on the prescribed templates. The created files are given further for proof reading.

Step 3:
Proof readers review the transcript and make needed changes. The complete batch is then given to quality team. Feedback is further sent to the Tier-1 team for review, changes and corrections.

Step 4:
The quality team works on quality checks by sampling randomly. Further feedbacks are sent to the Tier-1 transcriptionists and the proof-readers.

Step 5:
All the completed transcripts are further provided to the account manager. The account manager will review and submit them to the client team to complete the process cycle.


Medical transcription has seen a great transformation. Modern technology comprise of digital machines, recorders, laptops, advanced and speedy data transfer, secure networks, and much more. Medical transcription software’s are accessible for both swiftness and making sure the overall work quality.

Digital Data Recorders

Digital voice recorders are now extensively utilized for recording patient data, information and instructions provided to medical professionals. The instructions and information are being captured as well as stored as digital files which can be transmitted for transcription.

Speech Recognition in Addition to Transcription

Speech recognition software solutions are now more advanced and error free. They come with automated built-in functionalities and features like automatic abbreviation expansions, different templates and database of medical terminologies.

This solutions work with applications like word processors, databases and email software’s. The software’s are also supported with abbreviation expanders, grammar and spell checking, quality checks, HIPAA compliance, file handling, workflow, invoice and medicare billing management and more.


Selecting the correct combination of medical transcription services is important for improving the work processes.

The goal of outsourcing is to make sure about the swift turnaround while preserving productivity, performance and the quality of work being delivered at lower costs

Advancements are continuously seen with new technologies and software’s also with their new version updates taking place which will prove the worth in the coming time.

However, the advancements also depend on activities like staff trainings; new educational courses and quality services recognized by the clients.

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