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By Pratik H

India has emerged as a software development pioneer in the past decade. You can practically get any software you need to be developed at half the “market price” for it. That is simply due to the cheap cost of living in India. The developers are of the same quality you’d get locally if not better. So they tend not to charge as much as local developers and still live the good life.

So how exactly do you go about outsourcing your software development needs to India?

  1. Figure out what exactly you want to be done.
  2. Write all of your requirements down
  3. Set your budget and deadline
  4. Find an Indian software development company
  5. Contact them and reach an agreement
  6. Keep up with updates on the project

Most of the work on your end is simply come up with the function you need the software to perform. Once that’s done, just communicate with the software development company and get a quote. Don’t be scared to negotiate, after all this is not going to be cheap by any means. And you want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck before you get involved into anything. Make sure you have an extra 50% of cash at hand before you sign any contracts. Just in case something goes wrong or you decide you need more coding or better server to support your software. Don’t leave any room for surprises.

So why choose to outsource to India over any other country?

  • It’s simply a proven development process

India has been in this game for the better part of a decade now. And they improved their model regarding subcontracting workers into finishing the job. They’re the top of the line in this field.

  • Technology advancements for better processing.

India has been up to date in all of their technology and keeping up with whatever comes along. This is due to their consistent involvement in the field. Constantly improving the process regarding speed and quality of the software.

  • Seasoned professional developers.

Just because it’s cheaper to have your software developed in India, doesn’t mean its any less quality. On the contrary, these web developers are college graduates. Each of them has at least five years of experience under their belt.

  • Comply with Legal aspects of things.

The IRS and all related government institutions are well aware of the subcontracting and outsourcing process. It is a perfectly legal way to cut down on overhead and employee salaries.

What are some of the more popular types of software development?

Custom Software Consulting:

This is arguably the most popular type of outsourcing in the field. People tend to head that road to get professional advice on developing or testing and supporting their software. That includes consulting, end-user requirements analysis.

ERP Development:

Boost the quality of critical business information by developing a swift enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This creates an “all seeing eye” in your business and eliminates all the blind spots. You can see every process down to the micro details and take informed decisions all across the board.

CRM Development:

CRMs are the ultimate way of client follow-up. It provides a history of the customer ever since he entered your system. As well as multiple operations such as lead distribution. You can have a results-oriented customer relationship management custom developed to accommodate your business.

Tips on outsourcing your software development:

  • Always have a backup, SO many things can go wrong, and it’s always useful to keep backups around.
  • Make sure you negotiate all the details before signing any contracts. Check and double check all the facts and make sure they understand everything you need them to make.
  • Follow up with the development process and stay as involved as possible. Give guidance and indications as to the direction you want them to go.
  • Split your task into small milestones and make sure they hit each one of them, once something is done begin testing process ASAP.
  • Make sure to change all the passwords as soon as they deliver the finished product. It’s like buying a house, the 1st thing you do is change the locks.
  • Deadlines are a serious matter, never accept any delays or excuses when it comes to agreed-upon deadlines.
  • Have their contacts so you can be in touch when you need any support or if something breaks. It’s inevitable that something wrong will occur, so it’s always beneficial to have a support team in your corner.

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