How to Choose Right Staffing Outsourcing Services Company

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By Pratik H

Any organization is only as good as its staff. This relates everywhere in your organization, right from your top-most professionals to the people in the junior level positions.

As your staff is important to achieve business success, you require best staffing services to ensure you get the best people on board.

Whatever position you require to fill, there are different staffing agencies whose services can be outsourced. Some of the staffing agencies provide only high-level executives, some focus on professionals with a particular skill-set like programming or graphic designing. Some also specialize in specific industries.

There are staffing agencies for

  • IT staffing, accounting
  • HR staffing
  • Healthcare staffing
  • Manufacturing staffing 

Temporary staffing agencies offer flexible staffing that will work as long as you require them.

This staffing agencies provide temporary employees with the opportunity of becoming a permanent employee’s, if things work well.

Whatever your staffing requirements may be, here are a few important questions to be asked to make sure you are choosing the right outsourcing staffing agency for your organization.

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Is the firm able to fill the position I am looking for?

As seen in the recruitment market, many agencies specialize in particular industry or business domain. So it’s very important to know if the agency you are seeing can help fill-up the job position you are looking for your organization.

If suppose you need a very specific employee position, it is wiser to hire a recruitment agency that focuses in hiring this category of employee.

Agencies with specific focus in a domain or industry appeal to better or more highly qualified candidates than generic staffing agencies.

From how long have they been into this business?

Experience and knowledge always count and are very key criteria to be judged. Ensure that the staffing agency you are outsourcing for your recruitment needs has a track record of both the criteria.

“In recruiting, there are no good or bad experiences – just learning experiences!!”

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How do they manage sourcing, screening and selection procedure?

An outsourced staffing agency that manages HR services such as initial interviews, background checks, and skill valuations can help save your time, efforts and money.

This helps the hiring managers to be much more confident that the particular candidates they are interviewing match the job necessities to a greater extent.

 They can then just focus on candidates' evaluation based on other traits, like style of work, the overall personality, problem-solving skill-sets and the last but not the least check his or her communication abilities.

What different categories of staffing services do they offer?

Some staffing agencies provide just provisional or agreement workers, while others take account of temp-to-hire and even permanent placement employees.

Selecting an agency whose services will assist fulfilling your current requirements as well as the future needs can benefit you in long run.

By being practical in your choice, you can escape having to modify your future needs and have an agency that can support you in long term by sustaining your business growth.

How do they convey or define the ROI for your business needs?

Your needs are directly connected to the quality of your recruited employees.

 So you need to question your staffing agency how they are going to function with you to make sure the best return for your employment investment.

How does the agency manage unmatched or poor placements?

Sometimes, regardless of the utmost thorough screening procedures and evaluation processes, poor hires occur. Select an agency that can help you out in this scenarios and give you refunds or provides other suitable remedies for such unmatched placements.

How strong or large is the talent pool of the agency?

Multiple criteria and factors are being considered when choosing a contract employee which includes the skill-sets, job level, specific or overall experience, personality, qualification, attitude towards work, working style and more.

 Choosing an agency that is in touch to a bigger network of candidates with different qualifications, backgrounds or experience can provide you a much better chance of discovering the correct employee for your company suiting to your budget.

What benefits do they offer to their temporary employees?

Benefits are one of the top concern for any temporary employee. If your staffing agency does not offer their resources with satisfactory benefits, you may not get to the top talent.

Do they understand or have knowledge about your business?

While interviewing prospective staffing agencies, examine them with open-ended questions about your business domain or industry or about the particular job position you are targeting to fill.

Their answers to your questions can give you enough clues of their levels of knowledge in relevance to the situation.

Agencies whose recruiters have a close or familiar understanding of these specific areas can often work better on your particular requirement and categorize the most suitable employees for both temporary and permanent placement of candidates in their network.

Are they readily accessible for a face-to-face meeting?

With advancement in technology virtual communications are effective yet there is no standby for understanding body language and judging the sincere substance transferred through a face-to-face meeting.

What is the agency's fee structure or the rates?

Do they charge differently for skills evaluation, background checks or all such services are included in the placement or hiring fee structure.

Select or outsource a staffing agency which is very clear and transparent with its fee structure and schedule.

So that you already know precisely what you can anticipate to pay for the service(s) that fulfills your staffing and HR outsourcing requirements.

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As per a recent survey, more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies take assistance from HR outsourcing companies and staffing agencies to search skilled contractual and temporary workers, some with the skills and potential to fit into the required permanent positions.

Key Takeaways

To remain competitive, you need a recruitment partner who knows your industry as well as your business and can back your needs as you grow with time.

Consider above questions while selecting an outsourced staffing agency to avoid going forward with an incorrect recruitment partner. 

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