How Sales Follow Up Can Triple Your Bottom Line

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By Pratik H

What Is Sales Follow Up?

Here is the definition of follow up

“A continuation or repetition of something that has already been started or done”

You might think making a sale makes your customer your customer forever.

Not so fast, in today's competitive market you could lose your customer's in a second if they found out there is another company that provides a better product or a cheaper service. So how would you win over your customer's loyalty? 

How to make sure that when they stepped in that door, its guaranteed they are going to step in again and make more business with you? Well a customer appreciates when he is being taken care of.

Taking care of your customers doesn’t only mean providing a better service or developing your product. Taking care of your customers is mainly in the follow up process after sales. It demonstrates your commitment and dedication to please your customers.

Following up with your customers is the most crucial and important part of your marketing strategies. It insures the happiness and satisfaction of your customer and makes sure the is willing to do business with your company again, or even spread the word about it. 

Word of Mouth marketing is very important in today's economy, People trust their friends and family more than they trust advertisements and billboards. If one customer is satisfied then you are getting more customers because of being referred to them by already satisfied customers.

Don’t follow up with your customer once and that’s it. You have to got to make them feel special. A regular follow up will make your customers feel important and give them the chance to engage and give you honest feedback about your product. It's also a great way to ask them what they might want next, or what they expect. It gives your business more ideas and chances to develop and grow.

It doesn’t have to be a customer! Even a potential customer. Let's say after a marketing campaign a specific amount of people called to ask about your product. Don’t just answer their questions and forget about them, no.

Make sure to give them a follow up call to ensure them that you care about their business and opinion.

But what does following up with a customer include?

Following up with your customers may include a lot of things such as:

  • Contacting the customer after the sale to make sure they are happy with it.
  • Providing convenient features for your customers such as warranties, maintenance and refunds.
  • Creating opportunities for following up with customers such as sales alerts.
  • Telling your customers about promotions or any sales opportunities.
  • Checking up on new installations.
  • Selling gift cards.
  • Send periodical updates to advertise your company's products.
  • Offering new product demonstrations that may be interesting to your customer.
  • Drawing the customer's attention to related products to the ones they bought.
  • Offer rewards to customers referrals.
  • Start a royalty club with discounts to members
  • Sending birthday cards to your customers.

All these things are done by having a good customer service team. But customer service doesn’t only take care of your follow up after sales process. They do more things such as:

  • Letting your customers know the goods they have been waiting for has arrived.
  • Providing updates on delivery or arrangements for any sales.
  • Referring customers to your online service.
  • Taking in complaints and answering any questions regarding the product.
  • Letting your customers know about any promotions or sales.

Sounds hard? Don’t worry!

But of course, having a customer service department isn't free. Remember the quote that says you got to spend money to make money. Well in order to get super customer satisfaction you have to have qualified agents working for you in an equipped call center waiting to take calls or call customers to ensure their satisfaction. It isn't an easy thing to setup. It's definitely very costly and expensive and will take a lot of time to be ready.

Also, your staff has to be professional and understand that there is a difference between customer follow up and customer annoyance. Too much of everything is bad. Your staff has to understand that spamming customers will not attract business but will drive customers away and make you end up in the spam folder in their email inbox.

If you don’t have the funds or the ability to setup a dedicated call center to customer follow up and customer service, don’t worry we at Outsourcing Insight will help you and provide you with the service you need. We are fully equipped with a staff of professionals who know and understand how to deal with customers and satisfy them.

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