How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You In B2B Marketing

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By Pratik H

Siri may have changed the way people interact with Apple's product. You and I know better that artificial intelligence is here to stay.

It may look easier to use AI in B2C marketing . What you may not know is that savvy B2B companies are using it to scale their operation and increase sales.

In other words, if you missed the first ship, you are only leaving the only technology that could help skyrocket your sales and increase your performance.

Most B2B companies because they understand how the technology can help them.

In this post, I want to share with you 6 ways AI can transform your B2B marketing. Most importantly, share with you the AI platforms that you can use to scale your operations

Analyse and Refine Your Data

It's no secret data analysis remains a big stranger, even to seasoned marketers. No one likes to go through data without knowing how to interpret it.

The more we analyze and interpret data, the more we spend lots of time trying to figure out what makes sense to us. Instead of spending lots of time analyzing data, you can give this function to an AI app that will analyze data within a few minutes.

Most importantly, it will feed you questions that can help you make an informed decision. This is effective in B2B content marketing or refining your marketing strategy.

As humans we can't analyze thousands of data at the same time. It's boring and actually not the best way to use our time.

With AI, all you need is to import your data and get the information after a few hours. If you were doing the job of analyzing every piece of information, you may take a week or even forever.

Refines Account Selection

Choosing the right accounts is important. Most marketers are working with their sales teams to choose the right account to market their products.

There are several stages that a client has to go through before buying a product. An AI can help you qualify interested clients about your product and services.

The same AI can also helps you presell the rests. It may be that they need more information about the product or services.

There are several reasons clients sit on the fence before buying a product and services. Before, marketers had to spend lots of time analyzing the best account to sell their product and services. Today, an AI can qualify accounts that are likely to close the sale.

That means your sales team spends their time closing instead of analyzing. Most importantly, the AI will feed you information on the accounts that needs re-marketing or more information before making a decision. This helps you save lots of time in the process.

Reduce Overheads

CEO's and other C-Suite Executive may not understand the role of AI in marketing. But there are two words that they understand most: Reduce overheads.

Because many organizations don't understand how AI helps them reduce costs, most choose to ignore.

According to one report, companies that have used AI in the past, have reduced overheads by 40 to 60%. AI is perfect if you want to reduce administrative costs and other marketing process.

For instance, content chat bots like are used as customer service reps. If you have been online for a long time, am damn sure you have interacted with chatbots without knowing.

For instance, chatbots have the power to interact with millions of customers. A typical customer care representative cannot manage 20 chats at the same time.

Makes lead generation efficiency

Yes, you can nurture existing clients to generate even more sales. The truth is, you still need more leads to break even.

Artificial intelligence can help you refine the lead generation process and you separate the wheat from chaffs. Using AI to streamline your lead generation process will result into conversation of more clients into your pipeline.

Most importantly, it will help you zero on leads that are likely to convert best. The big data may give you raw information, an AI will act as a search tool to help you get the most valuable data that you can focus on.

Personalization of marketing

The most selling features about AI is the personalization of marketing. The thing that you'll love most about it is that eliminate spam in the world of marketing.

Customers or clients receive too many messages every single day that aren't fit for their ideal situation. With AI, brands can personalize information to fulfil the customer's needs and wants.

This promotes personalized conversation between the customer and the company, which leads to increased amount of sales.

Apart from increased sales, you're likely to have hyper targeted advertising. Businesses have used segmentation for years to improve their marketing efforts. The rise of AI will help businesses make smarter well-informed choices about their target audience.

Predictive Analytics

Before I tell you what is predictive analysis, you need to understand what is predictive marketing. Predictive marketing is the act of predicting the behaviours or actions that a customer has done in the past and using the same information to analyze what they will do in the future.

Same thing with predictive analytics. Once you have previous data, you can know whether the customer is likely to convert or not.

Before you feed the AI with certain data, you need to make sure that the data is 100% accurate. Wrong data can give you wrong choices and you’ll be able to make wrong predictions.

AI Apps That You Can Use In Your Marketing

There are few AI apps that you can use in your marketing. All you need is to install them and figure out the kinds of things that you can do with it. Here are the latest AI apps organizations are using

Most marketers allocate a significant part of their money on PPC advertising. In fact, majority of marketers loss lots of money because they cannot make an informed ROI decision based on the data that they have gathered.

What most marketers don’t know is that there is an AI-powered systems that helps advertisers test out more ad platform and optimize their campaigns.

Most importantly, Albert can help you optimize your layout, copywriting, targeting and bidding. This saves you lots of human inputs required in analyzing, managing and optimizing paid campaigns.

With Albert, you’re likely to know historical data on which ads perform the best and in which stage of the buying process. You optimize thousands of variables to know effective placements in various platforms.

Do you publish lots of content on your website or social media. Chances are, you’re publishing lots of content and hardly know the contents that resonate with your audience.

Most importantly, you hardly know which content your audience will love next after you have published what you think they like.

No worry, there is a content creation AI that can suggest for you content that your social media followers will like.

Rocco is designed to learn the ins and outs of your business. Most importantly, suggest contents that will resonate with your followers. 

This means that you’ll be spending less time coming up with content strategies while you provide your audience with content that they love.

What’s more Rocco will even update you on the best social media campaigns that are working for you. With as little as $15 per month, you can get all these data at your fingertips.

Chat bots are everywhere. They are defining the way customers interact with brand. This AI provides lots of information to customers. From human interaction alone, AI can predict behaviors customers are likely to show before they your product. This helps in knowing what prevents customers or clients from buying your product.

Are you looking to personalize your marketing messages to millions of customers. Instead of spamming customers with the same kind of messages every now and then.

Dynamic yeild helps you build actionable customer segmentation which helps you increase personalizations, recommendation and automatic optimization.

Having an AI do this function helps you focus on the best prospects that are likely to convert best for your business.

This in turns helps you increase revenue. Keep in mind that segmentation takes a lot of human efforts especially when data is involved.


Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. All you need is to give it a try. In fact, more than 75% business executive said that they will be using for predictive analytics and strategies their company's growth.

What’s more the market of AI will surpass $100 billion by 2025. It means that you need to start taking action right now. You need to start learning how to use AI in your marketing or hire a professional to help you use AI to scale your business operations.

The earlier you get started, the better you’ll be ahead of your competition and increase sales for your organization.

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