Developing Future Leaders with the Best Constructive Leadership Program

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By Pratik H

Leadership is much more than gaining higher titles in an organization. One needs to guide and motivate their staff to achieve a particular goal, but an ineffective leader cannot lead the people and achieve the common goals. 

The constructive leadership program is the need of an hour as most of the leaders feel alienated from their companies.

According to the reports from Gallup, 16% are the actively disengaged employees, and 51% are not engaged but only present on their working seats. Further, the study shows only engagement of one-third of employees in their organization. 

By looking at these statistics, it becomes readily important for the senior leaders to take up the responsibility by investing time for the development and the growth of the budding leaders.

This will help in inspiring the potential leaders and workforce to be engaged actively in their work. However, it is seen that few organizations happen to ignore the capabilities or attributes of their own leaders. 

A concrete leadership development program is an answer to achieve the success of the company. The organization should consider following tips to build a solid leadership development program.

Maintain a Better Communication and Connect with Staff

To lead a group of people in an organization it is mandatory to connect with the team and then communicate the goals to them. The leaders must know how to connect in order to achieve the company’s goals. The experts believe that a good leader must possess:

  • Empathy
  • Positivity
  • Purpose
  • Compassion
  • Humility

These are the must-have traits for the leaders in order to build a solid connection with their teammates. One needs to develop the trust and shared accountability for each task in order to get an exceptional performance. The leadership development program must involve these traits so that a fulfilled leader, and a happy team is an outcome.

The responsibility of the best leader is to customize the communication with each member of the staff according to their understanding. For example, the leader can send text the team member, E-mail, personally interacts or just instructs them via calls.

Identification of the Leaders

The leadership development program should be designed in such a way that it helps in recognizing the promising leaders present in an organization. The theories may vary from organization to organization for identifying the best candidate.

As an example, Disney puts the focus on identifying the suitable leaders from within its establishment. According to expert Jones, more than 60% of the managers or leaders come from Disney’s existing staff. The company follows an informal approach by setting up the requisite goals and stands back for analysis.

Other companies put their team under the constructive development programs in order to identify the leaders. This is the task of the seniors to identify the employees who possess maximum energy and ambition. It will help to bring success to the leadership development programs. 

These programs benefit every employee, but few employee positions can bring in small revenue while others can bring in greater returns. The focus should be on the overall development of the employees so that they do not feel that their growing capacity is suffering.

Defining the Needs of the Leaders

Most of the companies are facing leadership gaps or with changing needs of the people are losing their best leaders. According to the leadership development statistics, nearly 10,000 baby boomers are retiring each day on an average. On the other hand, 67% of the Millennial's are looking for a new job prospect. 

Likewise, only 91% of the employees plan to stay at their job for less than three years. This calls for the leadership development program being run on an urgent basis in the companies.

For example, the establishments’ needs to watch out which leaders are going to retire soon or the current leaders who are planning to leave what all attributes the companies will be missing.

The constructive leadership development program will work a wonder while analyzing this concept. It will help the company to define the strategy for their short-term and long-term goals and train their staff in that particular way. The leadership development program must focus on

  • Right leadership to meet the company’s goal
  • Traits of the person
  • Attributes that influence the business
  • Avoid the vague descriptors or classifications
  • Decision-making trait
  • Focus on fairness and integrity

Development of the Personal Improvement Plan

It is significant to seek where the leaders generally fall on the skill’s scale while carrying out the assessment. It is important to stress upon

  • Polishing the skills
  • Growth
  • Development

These attributes will help the leaders to reach on to the next level in the scale. The Personal Improvement plan must be taken into the positive light and not outlined as negative in an organization. 

While making the Personal Improvement Plan it is important to keep a note of the dates, metrics and the result in order to advance to the next level.

As an example, the leaders must seek for the improvement of various skills while carrying out PIP. This can include cognitive skills, organizational skills, communication and listening skills.

Focus on Being Creative

The leadership talent gap in today’s time can be bridged with the help of learning new skills and proper development plans. According to reports by HRPA, 63% Millennial's think that their leadership skills are not fully developed by their employers. Nearly, 71% of them feel like leaving their job within two years to fill this learning gap.

For bringing improvement and retaining the employees on their job, it is necessary to provide freedom to the staff to explore things on their own. They need to brainstorm on specific things and events in order to bring best in their working. The managers can encourage them by

  • Open to team’s creative ideas
  • Listen to employees suggestions
  • Consider their idea and developing it
  • Provide them new challenges
  • Shows confidence in team’s capabilities

The manager can set up a managerial problem and let the staff brainstorm on the specific difficulty. The provision of the time limit for the particular task will help in bringing out the best potential and enthusiasm to work faster. 

The recognition must be given to the finest ideas brought by the team members and others must be encouraged with kind words and appreciating their efforts.

Scheduling Meetings on Regular Basis with the Company Leaders

It is important to have frequent meetings with the top leaders. It will help the budding leaders to get an insight into their competencies. This is one of the significant parts of the constructive leadership program. 

This gives an opportunity to mentor the leader and acknowledge various organizational skills. For the development of the leaders the required things are:

  • Proper documentation of the skills that keeps the budding leaders and the staff members on the correct path
  • For making the leadership training program a success, all the managerial levels must participate enthusiastically to train new leaders.
  • To get the respective managerial position or the highest position in a company, the succession development program can prove helpful for most of the employees. This will help in achieving the desired skills for the particular top position in the company.
  • The leadership development program provides the feeling to employees that the company is investing in their future.
  • The proficiency framework will work as a measure to check out the potentials and promote the staff to prospective positions within the company.

As an example, in order to make new leaders in the company, the proper skill test proves helpful. The employees must possess the training folder that should be signed by each managerial leader. 

This will provide peace of mind to the employees since they are following the right path to gaining success in the leadership program.


In order to maintain the loyalty of the present employees in an organization, it becomes important to look after their needs and desires. The top leaders must understand them than gaining simple employment. To make them an asset to the company to gain fruitful results the leaders must design a great leadership development program.

According to HRPA report, 64% of Millennial's tend to leave the companies fast. To retain them and others on the job, the managers need to understand the science of leadership before designing the portrait of a successful organization.

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