Outsourced Social Media Marketing: Needs and Strategies

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By Pratik H

Over the last few years, Social Media Marketing has become a vital aspect of one’s successful conduct of the business operation. Be it B2B communication or B2C channels of marketing, it is only via online social media communications that the promotional requirement of the business can be met, and its future stability can stay intact.

Having understood the importance of social media strategy, the next step involves in determining whether to hire in-house staff or go for outsourcing route. No doubt, outsourcing social media marketing requirement to an agency or freelance consultant is absolutely a brilliant idea.

The latest Adweek Survey claimed that 88% of companies and firms in the US are using social networking sites and social media for marketing purposes.

In-House Social Media Marketing Vs Outsourcing

In the last few years, most organizations have moved towards outsourcing than the in-house social media marketing team. Apart from retaining the best expertise, talents, and knowledge on social media marketing, the outsourcing also helps a firm get up to date and standard services as far as social media marketing and lead generation through social networks is concerned.

Here are the key differences that make social media marketing a more viable and feasible choice for entrepreneurs than hiring in-house social media marketing personnel.

1) Cost To Company:

A company needs to hire SEO and SMO experts by paying hefty fees as their salary or honorarium while freelance social media consultants or digital evangelists mostly undertake outsourcing works. 

The digital media consultant charges for social media marketing strategy are far lower than what social media team might be charging from the enterprise.

2) Round the Clock Social Media Marketing:

Social media consultant works round-the-clock, including holidays too. On the other hand, staffs take a routine weekly holiday every Sunday, along with other casual leaves from time to time depending on their requirements. 

A company can’t always deny the right of its social media team to take leaves, or else it could affect their productivity level at the office.

3) Enhanced Knowledge and Skills:

The latest statistics from Business2community confirmed that 70% of people in the United States use at least any one social networking site. So, it is extremely important that each company utilizes its social media strategy in an immaculate manner. 

The outsourced social media marketing consultants are highly experienced, skilled and knowledgeable in this subject in comparison to staffs and employees of the firm.

4) Superior Use of Technology:

In order to ensure superior utilization of the technology and sophisticated tools, an independent consultant is always a viable option for an entrepreneur. They work for several clients with an aim to fulfill their objects.

For this very purpose, such consultants use sophisticated and other advanced tools to fulfill the company’s objects. With the number of social media, users are likely to touch 2.5-billion-mark by early 2018 as per Business2community sources, it is high time that companies and firms should start taking their E-marketing goals seriously.

5) Better Results:

Despite the best efforts and dedications by staffs, many employees fail to fulfill the company’s real objects as far as its social media marketing objects are concerned. Starting from more likes retweets to social media sharing, an outsourced firm always tends to outperform the employees.

In a nutshell, an outsourced consultant (social media) is more results oriented than the company own staffs and employee as the payment to the consultant is largely linked to productivity, and firm’s social media reach.

The last year’s social media statistics clearly revealed that 57% of consumers are likely to buy a product only if he or she finds a positive review of the same online. Otherwise, they would simply avoid buying the same and instead prefer buying the competitor’s brand on which customers have positively reviewed over e-commerce websites.

6) Handle Customer Feedbacks and Social Media Queries:

Another advantage of social media marketing agency over employees is the fact that a consultant is always better equips to handle the whims and fancies of customers than the normal employees. 

Staffs are emotional, hypersensitive and immature to handle the intricacies of customer’s tantrums while the social marketing agencies are seasoned players.

They not only handle the customer’s queries maturely but also suggest some valuable tips to them so that their faith in the brand stays on. Currently, among all social networking sites, Facebook is the most popular one. 

The Bluecorona Market Research has recently remarked that 75 % of male and 83% of female internet users regularly use Facebook once or twice in a day to chat with friends or to post their status updates online.

Top 5 Errors That Brands Make During Social Media Marketing

1) Lack of Regularity:

Well, on social media, you can’t post updates on a sporadic basis. A firm has to post nice and relevant updates regarding his company or products on a frequent basis. A recent market research on Twitter has found that 81% of millennial regularly surf Twitter.

So, every company needs to have its own Twitter profile and should update the same consistently with relevant tweets.

2) No Knee-Jerk Reaction:

It is a continuous process. A firm can’t wait to use social media only during its product launch while it stays silent for the rest of the year. Social media marketing means a company has to make a continuous impact in the minds of its customers.

Therefore, next time they wish to purchase something online, the current brand comes to their mind first. The survey claims that 68% of adult population in the United States is regular users of social media. 

Astute social media marketing is the only way to reach such a humongous amount of customers through a single tweet or Facebook status.

3) Social Media Responsibility:

Hiring an intern to manage the social media department of a company is a pernicious step. Either the intern will have to use utmost level of maturity while dealing with customers and trollers on social media, or he should simply avoid this department. 

A social media interaction serves as a mirror to company’s overall ethos, work culture and respect for customers.

There is no place of ego in social media interaction. As far as possible, social media specialist or the consultant should initiate a friendly chat with the customers with an aim to resolve customers’ query in a peaceful way through amicable dialogues and understanding customers’ perspective.

4) Unresponsive Behavior:

A company or firm can’t demonstrate insensitive behavior towards its customers on social media. If a user or customer has asked a question on social media, then the answer must follow. 

The latest E-marketing survey claimed that more than 50% of firms with apt social media marketing strategies have reported good growth in sales than those who don’t.

5) Focusing on Target Audience Only:

It is extremely important to disclose here that no firm should target only its selective audience on social media. The basic strategy should be to reach out to as many customers as possible in a given time across the world.

Eventually, the firm should then gradually zero in on a few handfuls of highly concerned customers who are seriously interested in buying the company’s product for either resale or final consumption purposes. In this way, the company’s products become famous worldwide in no time.

Social Media Paves the Way for Company’s Ultimate Success

Social media interaction is important. It has the possibility of connecting thousands of new customers to the brand in no time. These days, people directly interact with brands through social networking sites from time to time. 

It can be either make or break factor for any firm. So, a firm has to devote ample time towards formulating its social media strategy.

By initialing proper dialogues with customers, a firm can actually get massive followers within a few days. However, even slightest of negligence towards them or and their queries and complaints could be dangerous. It seriously pisses off a customer forcing him or her to shift to rival brands.

Therefore, outsource social media marketing to an experienced consultant is always a much-improved option than hiring employees. Social media consultants work far better and more professionally than the normal employees of a company do. 

They have enormous knowledge in this field and are adept at making a brand, still, in its nascent stage, to become the world famous in no time amidst the fiercest competitions all around.

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