Why is Outsourcing Digitization of Medical Records Important?

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By Pratik H

The healthcare industry has been going through a transformation phase throughout the world to improve the quality of the care being delivered. Introducing electronic medical records (EMR) has helped immensely in digitizing the healthcare sector which facilitates easy search, access and retrieval of crucial medical information.

It helps to organize and store information such as the patient’s demographic and treatment information in one place to be retrieved later easily.

This assists the medical staff in accessing all the information that they need in no time to easily determine treatment options, it also helps them to be compliant with healthcare document management and patient data storage requirements.

But it’s not nearly good enough regardless of all the benefits of digitization of medical records indexing, digitizing large volumes of data into electronic format is very time consuming and can be frustrating.

Sensitive data about patients, insurance claims and diagnosis have to be document and this requires a great deal of precision and accuracy. Not to mention there are other big obstacles blocking the introduction of EMR such as the sheer cost.

Thus, outsourcing medical records scanning to India is a reliable and hassle free solution. We focus on speed, accuracy and quality when performing your outsourced data entry tasks so that you can focus on your more important business activities.

We have a new generation of technology experts who are hungry for success and client satisfaction and they offer their services at a fraction of the cost.

​Don’t be fooled by the stereotype of outsourcing as a room filled with under qualified amateurs working in sweat shop conditions.

Reasons of outsourcing medical records retrieval

  • Digitizing crucial healthcare information provides easy search, access and retrieval.
  • Quick processing of medical records.
  • Good maintenance of medical records.
  • Strict adherence to HIPAA guidelines.
  • Strict quality control.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Highly skilled professionals who digitize healthcare records with impressive accuracy.
  • Great reduction of costs.
  • Prioritize important information.
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Make better use of your employees.
  • Strict control.

Let’s review some of these benefits in detail.

Digitizing healthcare information removes all the annoying bureaucracy and all the effort wasted in needless paperwork and replaces it with quick access of the needed information.

Strict adherence to HIPAA guidelines and good maintenance of medical records removes all doubts about the qualities of the services you’ll receive and you can rest easy knowing it’s all in good hands.

We also have skilled professionals who digitize records with stunning accuracy in an impressive speed, saving much needed time. Not only that, but they work for a fraction of the cost of the normal professionals in first world countries who normally charge sky-high rates. So you get the same service while saving more money for your other business interests.

Strict control benefits you with properly indexed and stored records which afford better end-to-end information management and thus you can locate records faster than you would if they were stored in messy filling cabinets or in unmarked boxes at a local mini-storage facility.

Outsourcing records and files forces you to review them for relevance, so that you know which files you need to keep close at hand and what files you need rarely and thus can send offsite.

You will also boost efficiency as when you ship out irrelevant records business processes will greatly improve. Removing the inactive less useful information will make you have fewer and more relevant records on hand, resulting in faster workflow.

You will then make better use of your employees, as you will save many employee hours that are wasted on managing and maintaining records while these hours would be better put to use in your core business.

It doesn’t make much sense that these employees try to find a 10 year old document when they could be working on more critical missions.

This also cuts costs too not just through the cheap costs workforce in India but it saves the money spent on having your employees managing and maintaining records.

But as with everything some problems are bound to arise, and that is why we have 24/7 support so we can guide you through all the way, solve all your problems and erase all doubts.

These are only some of the many reasons why outsourcing is the best economical solution in this current economic weather. It is an advantageous bargain that saves time, money and effort while guaranteeing safety and delicacy.

Thus it is best to jump on this train early on for maximum benefit as outsourcing is one of the most promising opportunities of the century.

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