Outsourcing Sales and Marketing Services to An Agency ?

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By Pratik H

India has been busy in the past few years. Quickly dominating the outsourcing marketing. With its world renowned skills in software developers and internet savvy marketers all the way to the “infamous” call center agents outsource.

Marketing and advertising is the only way to acquire leads, the life source of any business.

The only problem with that is when the cost of establishing an in-house marketing team is almost the same as the profit you’ll get from the sale. Not many people know how to work the Internets deepest systems and extract the needed results. And those who do get to charge obscene amounts of money. Not to mention the commissions of the sales people who’ll be grinding on those leads to close sales.

Internet marketing is more than just posting your listing on yellow pages or even trying to optimize any of your web pages for SEO. You need complete an fully tested systems to be able to show up in front of your prospects at their time of need.

But there’s a lot that goes under the hood and if you try to learn it all, you’ll quickly find out the hard way that it is simply impossible. Even the most seasoned of marketers only excels at one or two mediums. A jack of all trades is a master of none.

So to save you from all that hassle, OutsourcingInsight has quite an extensive portfolio of marketing services it can offer you that will significantly increase your reach and boost your online presence.

Here is the list of few services which can be outsourced by marketing department

The Main key factors to your online success is how everything works together. The worst number in business is one. If you have only the one source of traffic or the one source of leads, what happens if you can no longer use this medium? This is why its always wise to diversify your incoming traffic from multiple sources, so that should something go wrong, you’ll always be in the clear.

  • Web content development
  • Web branding
  • Website Optimization
  • Web Analytics
  • Tutorial creation
  • Pop Flash ads
  • Online advertising games
  • Marketing research
  • Online products to increase web traffic
  • E-Book creation and distribution
  • Linking strategies and deployment
  • E-Newsletter creation and distribution
  • Targeting email marketing
  • Marketing media product development
  • Publishing solutions
  • Creative solutions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Millions of people make hundreds of millions of searches on Google every minute. And one of the most effective forms of marketing is showing your brand in front of customers in need. Do you think if you were a dentist in Miami, that someone typing the keyword “ top Miami dentists” isn’t just about the perfect client for you ? and wouldn’t it be just fantastic if as soon as he typed that, your website would be among the 1st that pops up in front of him ? this is one of the premium services we offer here at Outsourcing Insight. We optimize your websites to match Google’s latest algorithms and guidelines in order to get you to the top of the heap and right within your customer’s reach.

PPC campaign management

We can help you get to the top of the results on Google for your targeted keywords today. Yes today, while SEO is significantly more profitable in the long term. PPC campaigns can start pulling traffic your way starting today and then we help you convert that traffic into paying customers. The optimization of these campaigns is so critical that an extra 1% could dictate the difference between a winning campaign and a losing one.

Content writing services

This is one of the hidden Aces up our sleeves. Having great content is like hitting 2 birds with one stone. Not only will it significantly increase the SEO efforts being done on the website. But it’ll also increase the visitor’s retention rate, more material for him to read. And if done properly and consistently, you’ll have constant readers coming and visiting your website on more and more frequent basis to see what type of new content you published. This also helps if you’re selling a high ticket product , when the customer get to know you and your company better , they become better informed, and more prone to trusting your brand overall.

Lead generation campaigns

This will be your bread and butter. Once you capture a lead and start it on the path of all the content we’ve prepared. They become 5x more likely to purchase any products you pitch to them than people who just saw a random ad on the internet. The deeper your nurturing and management of these leads goes. The higher the chance of them making an easy decision about dealing with your company.

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