The Best Outsourced Web Development Company – Tips on Selecting One

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By Pratik H

Why 71% Of Companies Outsource Web Development Projects Including Apple

Have you been thinking about outsourcing your web development projects? But you've not taken action due to the growing amount of fear.

Well, brace yourself for many awakening, because Fortune 500 companies like Apple and General Electric have embraced this idea.

Apple posting higher profits every quarter of the year, doesn't come as a surprise. It's because they are outsourcing most of their work for several reasons(More on that later).

If you look at it closely, you'll find that they outsource most IT related words and that's where web development projects comes in.

That means if you're running a startup, you could benefit greatly from outsourcing. Leave the horror stories of people getting screwed on the internet. The difference is knowing the right kinds of firms to do business with.

The question is, why outsource your entire web development projects to a third of world countries Like Kenya, India, Egypt, China. Here are the reasons why fortune 500 companies do so?

To lower the cost of operation

It's no secret that administrative and business operations get expensive day by day. The cost of retaining workers for the long term is getting expensive.

In fact, salaries, paid leaves, offs, sick leaves, benefit, insurance and healthcare could be eating your profit every quarter. Let's not forget the high cost of living that's increasing every single year and the rising electric bills.

Imagine, if you could cut all these expenses you can increase your bottom line. According to Glassdoor, an average web developer gets paid over $90,000 per year. If you were to outsource the same kind of work of a person in India, you will pay a fraction of that.

Most importantly, there is a huge difference in wage pattern. To them, you would be paying for is equivalent to their nominal wage bill. In other words, you won't be underpaying them in any circumstances, rather than adding them a little tip to do the great work.

Consultants In Their Field

Most independent contractors are experts in their field. They know their craft. Most of them will ask you questions and even give you a clear blueprint on how they will handle the job.

The difference between hiring a consultant to do the job and having an average employee is the comfort zone. Most employees would an average work as long as they have a paycheck.

Consultants are in the business of retaining you as a client and they will go great lengths to make sure that you have quality work.

They would even write a comprehensive detail on how they went on doing the work. Every minute detail they will explains to you. Unlike a normal who will just do the work to pass the time without considering the details they bring to the table.

What's more, you won't even receive an advice from your employee on the changes or how they made the project even better. This is a plus when it comes to complex projects like web development.

We don’t discriminate employees, but having employees in any company, especially those that are not productive, doesn’t improve your company's bottom line. Look at the rate of downsizing and retrenchment, it is high.

To save time

It's no secret that you'll save time on the project. Imagine the efforts you will put on hiring a new employee to work.

You will take days or even weeks just reading every resume, finding the perfect fit. Let alone interviewing each one of them.

Then comes the time when the employee has to settle and adjust to the environment and orientation.

Seriously, you would have used that time to hire a consultant in one day , discuss the job briefs in details and explain your expectation. Did that take days, weeks and months? No, at most, it will take you two to three days only.

In addition to that, most of the experts that you'll hire work round the clock. There's been usually little to no vacation, that's because their business depends on your success. 

Since most people would come from a different time zone, that means, you'll always get your work on it. For instance, America is behind India by 12 hours. That means if you give out your project at 9:00 New York Time, in India that's in the evening. You're likely to get your job in the morning the following day. It's that fast.

The thing that you’ll like about outsourcing is the time. In other words, you get faster results on every project that you give. If you’ve been in business for so long, then you understand how results, not activities determine the success of the business. If you hire the best outsourcing company, you’ll save time more than money.

Best quality Work

I hear you screaming that the quality is bad? Listen, those freelancers that deliver shoddy work are rewarded with zero sales and low ratings.

In fact, it's hard and tough for them to stay in business. The key to success, when it comes to outsourcing is having repeat business.

Besides, competition is stiff in this industry. When competition is good, you as the client you're guaranteed high quality work that makes you come back again. Those companies that can't handle the competition and add less value to clients like you, don't last past six months.

Next time you try to hire someone, never worry about the quality of work. We are in the business of retaining you, and we’ll do all it takes to the moon to have your attention and make sure that everything touched by our fingerprints screams quality and thank you.

Benefit from the latest technology

Every web development company will always keep themselves abreast with the latest tool. Most important to you is that you'll receive latest features and configuration that meets the demands of the market.

With outsourcing companies, you save yourself the time and money, because they keep learning how to do their job better every single year.

Here at Outsourcing Insight, we recognize that the ideas of tomorrow won't keep us in the market today. That's why we invest 20% of our annual revenue in business development so that we can serve you better. Outsourcing Insight is in the business of serving you better every single year.

Focus on business

The hardest thing about running a business is managing people. If you've been a manager before, you know how tough it can be getting along with your employees.

If I am not wrong, most employers wish their employees would behave like robots who manage themselves and do things according without hesitation and disturbances.

Don't forget also the time you have to check on everyone to make sure that they are doing the way you want it. What does that mean?

You're spending most of your time managing people instead of focusing on your business. That means, you won't meet your key performance indicators and you'll lag behind.

Fortunately, outsourcing solves all this nightmare. Once you have dictated your expectations, you just need to focus on your work and let them rest happens. It is as easy as that.


Most in-house software companies face lots of problems. For instance, sometimes what they do may fall short of your expectation. Chances are you’ll get frustrated and stressed with your employees.

In business environment, that time counts a lot. More importantly, it means that you’ll lag behind. When it comes to outsourcing, all the responsibility now shifts to the outsourcing company. Even if something went south, chances are they will ahead of it and still meet your expectation

Ready To Outsource Your Web Development Project?

Looking into the future, more companies are going to outsource most of their work to cut back on operation. Apple and General Electric have taken the lead. It's just a matter of time before other companies follow suit.

You don't need to record loses year by year to get a pinch of this. You can simply start today. Most important, you can start with simple tasks, to get a feel of the work. Once you gain confidence with the company for the quality of their work, you can then outsource certain sections of your business.

Most employers think that they have to start with huge tasks. Start small, start with something basic like creating a logo for a website, then you check the quality of work. If it feels nice, talk about the next small assignment and then move to bigger projects. With time, you'll appreciate the services offered by Outsourcing Insight.

Outsourcing web development project is not that difficult, all you need is to show them a sample of what you want the final project to look like. That helps the company that you’re dealing to know exactly what your expectation.

Developing a website that represents your mission, vision and overall business is not a cake walk. 

There are many technicalities involved to bring in the desired results. 

When it comes to website development, most people struggle with the dilemma whether to do it in-house or outsource.

If you think doing it in-house helps your company save money then you are mistaken.

What if you hire in-house team and desired results are not achieved?

The very first thing you need to figure out is whether or not you need to outsource the web development. 

Six important steps to outsource 

Step 1: Making a decision

If you are confused regarding outsourcing development, the evaluation of the following will help you figure out if you need to outsource it or do it in-house. 

You certainly need to outsource web development project, if you lack the following:

  • Efficient graphic designers capable of designing unique, and appealing web designs
  • Proficient web developers who can produce clean, effective code, and assimilate a CMS, easy to be updated on your website.
  • Skilled copywriters capable of writing as per the search engine standards and your business needs
  • Project managers capable of taking control over the time lines and budget
  • Marketing leaders with expertise in creating web strategy, defining the target audiences, defining the key success metrics
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Step 2: Finding out an Outsourcing Company

Once you have decided that you need to outsource website development, the next task is to find out the companies that can do the work for you. You can get through some outsourcing companies by:

  • Searching on Google or any other search engine
  • Seeking references from other business firms
  • Placing ads

Step 3: Choosing the right vendor

Now that you have got a fair number of companies , it’s time to pick the one who will be perfect for your business.

Here too, you will have to stick to some criteria in order to select the best and most authentic one.

It is time to hire someone to build a website for your choice.

  • Check the experience: Good work and experience can often be contradictory. However, when we talk of web development, it would always be better to go with a vendor that has good years of experience in the field as they will understand the requirements pretty well.

  • Evaluate the work samples: You will be able to best judge the quality of their work once you get to check out some of their previous works. Ask for samples and demos so that you can figure out whether the company will be capable of developing the site as per your requirements or not.

  • Check company infrastructure & quality certification: You will have to find out whether or not the company so selected has a good infrastructure or not. Also, check if they can produce any quality certification that proves their authenticity in the field.

  • Company competence: This is one important thing to know. You must be aware of the fact if the vendor would be able to process your ideas and project needs. Unless the outsourcing company understands your project requirements, the end result can never be satisfactory.

  • The manpower: Web development as we said in the beginning also, is not a child’s play. It requires expert and proficient minds to carry out the entire process right from designing to testing of the website. You must check out if the company you have chosen has good manpower. From developers to designers, everyone must be experienced and skilled enough to fulfil the task with perfection or least flaws.

  • Mode of communication: As you build business ties with the company, you will have to interact with the concerned group of people within the organization. Check what mode of communication is being used there. English being the global language is a criterion must to be fulfilled by them.

  • NDA: Though most of the outsourcing companies would be willing to sign up for the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) in the best interest of their clients, however; you must still make the point clear before sealing the deal so that there are no pitfalls ahead.

  • Payment statistics: Once you feel that the prospective vendor is meeting all your business requirements, the next in line comes payment. You will have to see if quotation fits to your budget. If you feel that the quote isn’t feasible, you for sure can look for next company.
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Step 4: Heading with Project Documentation

Once you have come across the right web developers, it’s time to take the project on-board.

The very first thing you need to do is documenting the entire project. You must list what the project is all about, the target audience, the objectives and all other important aspects that you want to be implemented in the web development project.

This documentation can then be sent to the vendor either in the form of a mail, a scan or if the need be, you can send it as a hard copy as well whichever sounds more convenient and feasible.

Step 5: Weekly meetings

Monitoring the project from your end is very crucial. You must stay updated with each and every development so that nothing goes wrong through the process.

It would always be better to hold weekly meetings wherein you will not only get to know about the progress of the task, but can even give in some inputs or order the changes if in case any required.

Step 6: The final dealing and payment

This is the final stage of your web development. Post the testing, the vendor will hand you over the site developed.

You can evaluate and see if it’s done as per your specifications. Changes can be made, if you feel there is a need. If all goes well, it’s time to make the due payment and put your site on action!

Following these six steps, can definitely assist you to outsource web development for your company.

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